Family Counseling

family counseling for addictionIt’s not just the addict who suffers a great deal of depression, anguish and hurt as a result of addiction—the family members including children and loved ones also suffer a great deal too. Addiction is devastating to families especially to the children of those who are addicted and in order for an addict to fully recover from his or her addiction, it is often necessary for the entire family to get help.

Family counseling in inpatient drug rehabilitation programs provide the loved ones, children and family members of those who are addicted to drugs with education, guidance and support to help them fight the battle—and win.

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Family counseling can take many forms and may include talk therapy, group therapy, education and even games for young children. The primary goal is to help the counselor or therapist to understand how each family member has been effected by the addiction as well as how they may have played a role in the addiction (such as by enabling). Once the therapist figures all of this out, he or she can devise a plan that will help each family member to heal and to be able to effectively help their loved one in the process.

Benefits of Family Counseling

There are a number of benefits associated with family counseling. First and foremost, a family cannot heal from the perils of addiction unless they receive adequate treatment for themselves. The negative attitude, the physical or psychological abuse that they have endured from the addict and the stronghold that addiction has had to rip their family system apart takes time and added support to recover from. Long after an addict has recovered, many family members can still hold a grudge, still have fear and still have pain associated with the addiction.

Family counseling can help all members of the family to better understand the addiction and their role in the battle to recover. Each family member likely plays a different role in the overall aspect of an individual’s addiction. Some may be enabling the addiction without realizing it while others may be hurting more than the addict him or herself. Family counseling can get to the bottom of the addiction and the effects it is having on each family member to devise a plan of action to make positive change.

Finding Help

Most inpatient drug rehabilitation programs provide family counseling to help the loved ones of those who are addicted to drugs. These programs may include group or individual counseling sessions and depend largely on the required need of the family as well as the individual needs of each member of the family. If you or someone you know has suffered the perils of a loved one’s addiction, we can help you find counseling and support that focuses on your healing.

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