Individual Counseling

individual counselingIndividual counseling lays the foundation for those in recovery to get to the bottom of their addiction once and for all through help, support and guidance that is provided by a substance abuse counselor or therapist. Individual counseling is the process of meeting with a counselor or therapist, usually for a period of about an hour each time, and discussing personal matters as well as drug addiction matters with the counselor in a way that will help them to devise a plan of action to assist the patient in learning how to recognize their problem, realize the events that trigger their drug abuse and refrain from giving into temptation.

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Benefits of Individual Counseling

There are a number of benefits that come with individual counseling in inpatient drug rehab. These benefits will differ from one patient to the next in some ways but overall, the benefits of this method of treatment are focused on the ability for the patient to talk openly about his or her lifestyle, addiction and struggles and to come up with a plan to overcome these instances and stay sober.

Individual counseling sessions may take place daily or weekly depending on the severity of ones addiction as well as other factors. Each time the patient meets with the counselor, he or she will have the opportunity to talk about his or her addiction, things that are going on in life which may lead to relapse, what has happened in the past to cause the addiction and various other aspects of life. In many cases, the discussion is open door while other times, the counselor may provoke a particular discussion to determine the reaction of the patient as well as to come up with a better plan for treatment.

What to Expect

When you enter inpatient counseling in an individual setting, you can expect to sit one-on-one with a counselor who is similar to a doctor. This means that you are protected by doctor patient privilege and that your privacy will not be leaked to others. You can say what you want, talk about anything and your counselor will help you work through your emotions. Remember that your counselor is there to help you and is not your enemy. Talk openly and honestly so that you can get the most out of the therapy that is being provided to you.

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